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How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you should be surrounded by all your loved ones, including your fur babies. It’s become the new norm for couples to include their pets in their wedding, and with the amount of love we have for them, it would be hard not to have them there! So, if you’re planning to include your dog in your big day, read these tips on how you can incorporate them in a special way!

Dog of Honor or Best Dog

With your dog being your best pal in life, why wouldn’t you have them as your best pal at your wedding? Many people don’t have siblings, and choosing between all of your best friends can be hard. Choosing your dog is a great idea, and it’s a great way to let them and everyone else know how much you love your fur baby! They stand beside you every other day, so why not on the biggest day of your life? We love it when our couples include their dogs in their wedding! It makes it so much fun. Have other questions about our venue? See our top FAQ here. 

Flower Dog

Giving your dog the role of the flower pup is a great alternative to making them your best dog or dog of honor. This role is so cute on pups and is sure to put a smile on all your guests’ faces! Depending on how well your dog is trained, you could let them walk down the aisle themselves, or with a guest of your choice. 

Dress them up with a flower necklace or headband for extra cuteness. You could even have them holding a basket of flowers while walking down the aisle! We do recommend pre-flowering the aisle though because they probably won’t be doing that themselves.

Ring Bearer

Being the ring bearer is definitely a job for a well-trained dog because the last thing you want to happen is to lose your ring on your wedding day! However, with the right precautions, this can be the perfect job for your pup! Dress your dog up nice in a suit jacket, and put the ring in his pocket, or strap it to his back. Once he makes it down the aisle to you, just grab the rings, give your dog some love and have them sit in the front row with friends or family.

They’re sure to feel proud and accomplished after being such an important part of your big day!

Guest of Honor

If you’re not looking to make your dog the star of the show, we have another idea. Make them the guest of honor! Some dogs are just not as good as others at having all the attention on them, so leaving them a place in the front row to sit and stay calm while still being close to you is just as special to them and as comforting to you.

Have them sit beside someone they’re comfortable with so they don’t end up stealing the spotlight on accident!


When incorporating your dog in your wedding day, there are steps you should follow in preparation for the occasion. First and foremost, make sure your venue allows pets and your dog’s specific breed. At The Butterfly Pavilion, we welcome all breeds of well-trained dogs! We do require your fur baby to stay on-leash, but being dog lovers ourselves, we totally understand your desire to have them be a part of your day.

It’s a good idea to  let your vendors know in advance that your dog will be a part of your wedding, just in case any allergy issues arise. They should know what to expect when arriving at the venue on your big day.

You’ll want to make sure someone at your wedding is comfortable enough with your dog to be able to handle him or her throughout the day. Most of your focus will be on getting married, so someone will need to keep your dog calm, cool, and collected during the day’s events. Not to mention, they’ll also need a few potty breaks throughout the event and it’s best if those don’t happen on the aisle!

One last tip for preparing your dog for the big day is to bring him or her to the venue the day before so they can sniff, potty, and explore the grounds to get comfortable before their starring role. 

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We love our furry friends as much as you do. Feel free to bring your dog along with you to check out the venue beforehand and to get them ready for their role on the big day.

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