The Butterfly Pavilion

Customizing Your Wedding

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How to Customize Your Wedding at The Butterfly Pavilion

If you’re looking for a venue that’s beautiful from the inside out, has every amenity you need, and can be personalized to fit your signature style, look no further. Getting married at The Butterfly Pavilion means getting to customize a venue to live up to the expectations of your dream wedding. From the big dreams, to the little details, The Butterfly Pavilion is willing to work with you to make your wedding truly one of a kind. 

Pavilion Set Up

The most beloved part of our venue is the pavilion, of course. With it being such a large, open area, this space can be customized in so many different ways. 

The pavilion is a great place to hold your ceremony, with more than enough room for 250+ guests, and it also provides a great back-up plan for those wanting to have their ceremony outside. The inside of the pavilion can be set up for your ceremony, and quickly turned into your reception area during cocktail hour after saying your “I do’s.”

For the reception, you have plenty of room for an entertainment area, a dance floor, tables and chairs, and food and drinks. This pavilion is big enough to hold it all!

With the open floor plan, all of these elements can be placed however will best suit your plans for the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of.

wedding decor

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Once everything is in place, you can focus on the decorations. Colors, flowers, centerpieces, plates, and napkins can all be customized to the style of your wedding. We have several great  pieces on which to place photos for extra decoration, or you can bring in your own furniture! The ceiling of the pavilion has beamers that can be decorated with lights and fabric as well. The sky’s the limit with decorating our venue.


Speaking of lights, The Butterfly Pavilion has tons of room to add lights, which are perfect for ceremonies or receptions going into the evening. Lights can be set up around the starlight dance floor during cocktail hour, inside the pavilion for the reception, along the walkway leading your exit, or basically anywhere you want!

wedding flowers

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Flowers can, of course, be customized all over this venue, and the more flowers, the better! The Butterfly Pavilion is surrounded by nature, and the colors in and around the venue are very neutral. To brighten up your ceremony, or just to add a little extra pop, flowers are a wonderful option. Kristina Eaton, is a recommended florist for our venue because of her amazing floral presentations. We trust her work and recommend giving her a call for your wedding at our venue!

Ceremonies in The Meadow

If you choose to have your ceremony in the meadow, you have tons of room for customization. The meadow has room for custom arches, seating, or even a tent! Being able to completely customize your ceremony area is such a huge privilege because it allows you to make the centerpiece of your wedding day completely personalized to somewhere you can be proud to say, “I do.” 

ceremonies in the meadow

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At The Butterfly Pavilion, you can also customize the aisle. Add additional surfaces, such as rugs or flooring, if you feel it would enhance the look of your ceremony. Add blankets to the back of the chairs if you’re having a fall or winter wedding. Signs or mason jars along the aisle can add to the charm of your wedding, or you can add bows and foliage to the chairs along the aisle. So many little things can be done to make this area shine with customization!

beautiful wedding exits

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It should go without saying that you can customize your exit at our venue as well. We’re talking big exits here! Line up your guests and have them send you off in style with bubbles, eco-friendly confetti, fireworks, and more. Get an antique car and dress it up with a sign and cans hanging off the back. You can make your exit as big as you want at The Butterfly Pavilion to leave your wedding in style!

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