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Wedding Decorating Ideas

Don’t let the stress of planning a wedding bring you down! We know the cost of your wedding can quickly add up. We’ve found over several years that extra decorations, big or small, really add to the elegance of your wedding day. So, we’re here to share some great decorating ideas with you, many of which are inexpensive! Decorations for weddings can be simple and elegant, or innate and grand, but they always add so much to your special day. 

Aisle & Arch Decor

The ceremony area is the place where you will say, “I do,” so this area should reflect who you and your partner are as a couple. Adding pieces to make this area more personal are always loved by the wedding party and guests alike! Aisle decor can be easily customized by tying ribbon or bows to the chairs, placing short, sweet signs along the way, or adding surfaces such as a rug or flooring, all of which reflect your personal style. Many of these options are inexpensive and can add so much to your ceremony.

aisle decorating

Photo from Pinterest

Now to one of the most beautiful features of your outdoor wedding, the arch. Having this special piece made specifically to suit you and your partner’s tastes will send your wedding day over the top. Having an arch like this can be used for many years even in your own backyard, constantly serving as a happy memory of your wedding day. We’ve seen so many gorgeous variations of wedding arches at The Butterfly Pavilion! They add so much to a ceremony.

Place Cards & Seating Chart

Once the ceremony is over, your guests will head to the reception area and the first thing they will see is the seating chart and their place cards. We’ve seen so many variations and creative ideas for place cards, all of which have looked beautiful! There are so many ways to make these aspects of your wedding stunning while being as simple, eloquent, or detailed as you want! 

Another great place for adding your decorative style is to the table numbers. We’ve seen some table numbers as simple as a printed number placed in an elegant frame, and others with numbers written on magnolia leaves! There are so many wonderful ways to totally customize your table numbers at The Butterfly Pavilion.


There are some great furniture options provided by The Butterfly Pavilion as stylistic pieces to dress up at your wedding. However, feel free to bring your own as well! Finding antique pieces of furniture and refurbishing them to match your personal style and wedding can be such a fun project and something that you can use even after the wedding!

Use your furniture piece to hold the food or drinks, to set your engagement pictures on, or maybe to use as a gift table. Depending on what you’ve got going on throughout your wedding day, pieces of furniture can be used for a plethora of different things!

furniture at the butterfly pavilion

Photo by Dash Photography


There are so many great ideas for centerpieces, so by scrolling through Pinterest for even just a minute, you’d probably find one perfect for your big day! Centerpieces can be totally customized to reflect your personal style and the style of your wedding. Again, these can range from simple to grand and ornate. We love seeing centerpieces with beautiful flowers and candles! We’ve decided to share some of our favorite ideas with you here, but you may also learn about more ideas on How to Customize Your Wedding At The Butterfly Pavilion by clicking here.

Floating candles are definitely some of our favorite centerpiece features because of their delicate elegance. They add such a romantic touch to all of the tables they’re placed upon!

Another of our favorites is a birdcage or lantern filled with flowers from your florist. These are wonderful accents for a Spring Wedding! The birdcage or lantern can be painted to match your wedding theme, and of course, the flowers make it that much more beautiful. We love this centerpiece because it’s an easy way to get that antique feel for your reception.

wedding centerpieces at the butterfly pavilion birdcage

Photo from Jemma Blog Bird

Simple wooden centerpieces give a beautiful modern touch to your wedding tables. This idea is for the more modern bride, but it can be so beautiful for any wedding! Wooden touches also add a touch of rustic charm to your tables and we’ve found they are often a favorite among guests. 

simple wood wedding centerpiece

Photo from Pinterest

Professional Florists

As with most people, we consider the flowers to be one of the most important parts of a wedding. There are endless ideas to choose from when deciding on flower arrangements for your big day. Florists who specialize in wedding flowers have experience in the industry and are professional.

Flowers can make or break a wedding, so we always recommend a few trusted florists in our area who have delivered gorgeous floral arrangements time and time again for weddings hosted at The Butterfly Pavilion. Need a florist to call? Kristina Eaton is the recommended florist at The Butterfly Pavilion. Visit her website today!

Another aspect of your wedding that gets paid much attention is the wedding cake. The cake is a beautiful part of your wedding day and something that’s worth spending a little extra money on. It’s also something that everyone is going to eat so you want to make sure it tastes great! Professional bakers are a wonderful asset as they will bake a delicious cake or cakes, deliver them, set them up and work with the wedding planner to coordinate it all. At The Butterfly Pavilion, we always recommend our preferred cake vendor, Cakehouse on Main. They do such wonderful work!

Professional Photographers

Lastly, it’s so important to choose professional photographers to take your wedding photos. We realize this can be a financial splurge, but this may also be the only element of your wedding that truly lasts forever; you know, other than your love for one another. 

You want to be able to look back on these photos to reminisce and show your kids. They also need to be really great quality for blowing them up to frame and display them in your home. 

Have Your Day at The Butterfly Pavilion!

Be sure to work closely with your wedding planner to decide which decorating ideas will work best for your wedding. We do always recommend having a back up plan for some decorations, as things do come up! Your wedding day should be perfect, and adding personal decorative touches can make it even better!

For more information or to schedule a tour at The Butterfly Pavilion, visit our website at https://thebutterflypavilion.com/ or give us a call at 770-331-1111