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wedding photo-booth ideas

Cute Photo-Booth Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

While this is one of the most special days of your life, it’s also one of the quickest, and capturing every memory you make is hard! Your photographer will be there to capture most of them, but letting your guests have some fun with it too can be a really great way to catch some in-the-moment memories. How do you do this? With a photo-booth, of course!

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After Booking Your Wedding Venue

First 5 Things You Should Do After Booking Your Wedding Venue

There are so many different types of beautiful venues for brides and grooms to choose from, but even with so many options, they book up fast! Go ahead and book your venue, then you can start moving along with the rest of the wedding planning process. Continue reading to learn about 5 things you should do after booking your venue.

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Bridesmaid Experience

Creating the Perfect Bridesmaid Experience

Among the hustle and bustle of trying to narrow down the details of your big day, it can be easy to forget to treat your girls to some fun as well. Create the perfect bridesmaid experience from the wedding planning to the wedding day dancing by following these tips.

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wedding planning timeline

Wedding Planning Timeline

Wedding planning can be stressful, but staying organized and on time can save you from dismay. However, with a wedding planner and this list, you’ll be able to break down your timeline simply and easily while staying stress-free during the wedding planning process.

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wedding trends

Wedding Trends to Expect in 2021

While wedding trends have changed over the years, 2021 could bring the biggest changes yet. If you’re getting married in 2021, keeping reading for inspiration of new ideas, designs, and experiences.

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special events

Special Events At The Butterfly Pavilion

Looking for the perfect place to hold your company Christmas party, the best baby shower, or other special events? Read this article to find out everything The Butterfly Pavilion offers for events, celebrations, parties, and more!

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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Butterfly Pavilion

10 FAQ of Brides To Be

If you’re a bride-to-be, chances are you have questions, and lots of them! Luckily, if you’re getting married at The Butterfly Pavilion, or thinking of getting married here, we’re answering some of your questions now!

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fall weddings at the butterfly pavilion

Getting On Trend With The Best Fall Wedding Styles

If you love snuggling up to watch movies, eating warm soups and comfort foods, jumping in piles of colorful leaves, or just taking in the cooler weather, then you probably love fall most of all! Fall is the favorite season for so many of us who just can’t wait for pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and camping trips. It’s also the season in which many couples want to get married!

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How to incorporate your dog in your wedding day

How to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding Day

On your wedding day, you should be surrounded by all your loved ones, including your fur babies. It’s become the new norm for couples to include their pets in their wedding, and with the amount of love we have for them, it would be hard not to have them there! So, if you’re planning to include your dog in your big day, read these tips on how you can incorporate them in a special way!

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