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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Outdoor Wedding at The Butterfly Pavilion

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The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Outdoor Wedding at The Butterfly Pavilion

Nestled in the charming town of Acworth, GA, lies The Butterfly Pavilion, a wedding and event venue offering a picturesque setting, ample space, and the perfect location for an outdoor ceremony on your special day. With its lush meadow and serene ambiance, it’s no wonder that outdoor weddings here are nothing short of magical. If you’re considering The Butterfly Pavilion for your nuptials, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to help you plan an unforgettable outdoor wedding here. 

Choosing the Perfect Date

Weather Considerations:

In Acworth, we enjoy a moderate climate year round, but it’s essential to consider the season you’d most enjoy when planning your outdoor wedding. Spring offers blooming flowers, summer brings lush grasses and butterfly bushes, fall offers changing colors of nature, and winter offers cool, sunny days. All the seasons have their benefits; the choice is up to you!

Venue Availability:

The Butterfly Pavilion is a popular venue that books up quickly, especially during peak wedding seasons. Reach out to us early in the planning process to secure your preferred date.

Designing Your Dream Setting

Ceremony Spaces:

The Butterfly Pavilion sits on over 100 acres, and we have multiple outdoor areas that can be tailored to fit your vision. Whether you envision a ceremony in the meadow, on the Starlight Dance Floor, or under the pavilion itself, the natural beauty of our venue provides a stunning backdrop at every turn

Reception Layout:

The open spaces at The Butterfly Pavilion allow for various reception configurations to suit your style and your guest count. We also have outdoor areas where guests can hang out just outside the pavilion.

Inside The Butterfly Pavilion

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Personalizing Your Decor

Theme and Style:

Let the venue’s natural beauty inspire your decor choices. When you get married in the meadow or on the Starlight Dance Floor, not much is needed to create an absolutely gorgeous ceremony space. Let the venue’s natural beauty, and you as a couple, be what everyone’s eyes are drawn to!

Floral Arrangements:

Work with a professional florist to create arrangements that will enhance the space. Floral arrangements on your arch and lining the aisle are great choices to add some natural beauty to your ceremony. You could also consider incorporating butterflies into your designs to nod to the venue’s name.

Catering and Menu Selection

Local Cuisine:

Make for a memorable dining experience and keep your guests enjoying the outdoors during your reception by having a local food truck cater your wedding.

Wedding Entertainment

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Entertainment and Logistics

Music and Sound:

An outdoor setting requires proper sound equipment. Work with a professional DJ or band familiar with the acoustics of an open-air venue.


As the evening falls, lighting becomes crucial. The Butterfly Pavilion includes beautiful string lights incorporated into the rafters of the pavilion for every event, and we even have an uplight package to really get the party started for your reception.

The Butterfly Pavilion

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Guest Comfort and Amenities

Weather Contingencies:

Have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. The Butterfly Pavilion offers indoor alternatives to keep your celebration on track. Have your ceremony with the butterfly fireplace in the background, or get married along the back of the venue with the sunset and meadow still in the background. We are also able to enclose the venue without sacrificing your proximity to the outdoors, the natural light, or the feeling of being in nature.

The Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Outdoor Wedding at The Butterfly Pavilion

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Capturing the Moment


Hire a professional photographer who has experience with outdoor settings. They’ll know how to use natural light to capture stunning photos throughout the day.


A videographer can record the natural sounds and scenery, preserving the atmosphere of your outdoor wedding for years to come. Many videographers also capture a couple stunning shots of our butterflies flying around on your special day!

Final Thoughts

Planning an outdoor wedding at The Butterfly Pavilion requires attention to detail and an appreciation for nature’s unpredictability. By following this guide and working closely with the venue’s experienced staff, you can ensure that your wedding day is as seamless as it is beautiful.

The Butterfly Pavilion

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding and are still looking for a venue, contact The Butterfly Pavilion! We are booking for 2024 and 2025 now!

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