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10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About The Butterfly Pavilion

If you’re a bride-to-be, chances are you have questions, and lots of them! Luckily, if you’re getting married at The Butterfly Pavilion, or thinking of getting married here, we’re answering some of your questions now!

1. What is the maximum number of people The Butterfly Pavilion can accommodate?

Our venue can accommodate over 250 guests. We will do our best to accommodate as many guests as you’d like at your wedding. We have space inside our pavilion and outside our pavilion for tables and chairs, and we have a recommended blueprint for placing tables for receptions with 250+ people. The meadow is a great place to say your vows with as many guests as you’d like.

2. Are pets allowed at The Butterfly Pavilion?

In most cases, yes, we do allow pets at our venue. However, pets must remain on a leash and must be attended to at all times. The client is responsible for cleaning up after the pet, whether that means having a friend or family member tend to them, or hiring a pet service. If a member of our staff finds leftover remnants the next day, a disposal fee will be charged. If you have a question about our pet policy, please contact us.

3. What can be customized at The Butterfly Pavilion?

The amount of things that can be customized at our venue is almost limitless. A few examples of how guests have customized our venue in the past are: using different lighting packages, bringing in furniture pieces, having live music stages, and having food trucks. We’ve even had a couple bring in an aerial silks artist who used the beams in our venue for her performance. Like we said, the options are almost limitless, so just ask us about what you’d like to include at your event.

How much do I need to put down to secure my date at the butterfly pavilion

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4. How much do I need to put down to secure my date?

A 15% deposit is required at the time you sign your contract. The amount will vary according to the size of your event and the packages you choose. For questions about pricing your event, contact us.

5. Are guests allowed to smoke or use e-cigarettes?

Yes, we do have a designated area outside the pavilion for your guests, however, we are a non-smoking facility inside, including e-cigarettes. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure guests are made aware of the designated smoking area.

6. Is there parking on site?

We have a 100 car parking lot on-site, with additional parking available if necessary. Valet parking without gratuity is included with venue rentals. We also provide golf cart shuttle service to the Pavilion from the parking lot. 

7. Are there restrictions on decorations?

On walls and floors, we do not allow staples, nails, screws, or duct tape. If you want to hang anything, please use 3M command hooks. We do not allow glitter, confetti, cornmeal, loose straw, dark flower petals, mylar balloons, dried flowers, sprinkles, or non-biodegradable products. If you have decorations you want to use, but are unsure if they’re welcome, please contact us for clarification.

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8. Is a wedding coordinator included in our rental package?

At this time, we do not include a wedding coordinator in your package, however we do provide a list of coordinators we believe serve best at this venue and with a large party. We do have a staff director who will answer all questions you have and manage the venue for you throughout your rental time.

9. What is not allowed at The Butterfly Pavilion?

We love that we can provide a venue which can be totally customized to fit the wants and needs of our guests. However, we don’t allow any activity that may put our guests in danger. We require all alcohol to be served by a licensed and insured bartending service. It is our Clients’ responsibility to ensure their guests behave at our venue if they are under the influence of alcohol. 

We do allow fireworks, but they must be approved first by the venue. We require all music and loud noises are done by 10:45PM, as required in our county. If you have a question about a specific activity for your event, feel free to contact us. 

10. Can I come take a tour?

We’d love for you to take a tour of The Butterfly Pavilion! We offer tours Monday – Saturday by appointment only. Sunday may be available, just ask beforehand.

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The Butterfly Pavilion is a wedding and event venue located in Acworth, GA. Our venue sits on over 100 acres of untouched Georgia forest and is the perfect spot for weddings, parties, and corporate events. 

For more information on frequently asked questions about our venue, visit our FAQ page. Learn more about The Butterfly Pavilion on our website and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!