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Wedding Trends to Expect in 2021

While wedding trends have changed over the years, 2021 could bring the biggest changes yet. Usually we see new color schemes, decorating ideas, and floral inspiration, but this year we’re expecting new trends we haven’t seen before. If you’re getting married in 2021, keeping reading for inspiration of new ideas, designs, and experiences.



This year, more couples will be choosing the cozy option of having a micro-wedding. Micro-weddings consist of 50 or fewer guests, creating a more intimate environment for your big day. Micro-weddings are great for couples following CDC guidelines for risks concerning COVID-19. They can be planned and executed quite quickly, also making them great for couples who don’t want a long engagement. 

Bachelor & Bachelorette “Get Togethers”

Bachelor and bachelorette parties will be very different this year from years’ passed. In fact, using the word “party” may not even be relevant. Instead, brides and grooms will have “get togethers” such as wine tastings, camping tips, or brunches. These options are fun alternatives to traditional “parties” and great ways to save money as well!

Even if you don’t plan to have your big day at The Butterfly Pavilion, you can still celebrate here! Our open air venue is perfect for gatherings of all sizes and themes. 

Check out these great ideas for saving a few bucks on your bachelorette and bachelor parties. Some of these plans look SO fun! wedding trends

Getting Ready

Pre-Wedding Dress

We’ve seen the getting ready robes and pajamas, but we’re just seeing the beginning of getting ready dresses. These dresses are similar to a wedding dress; they’re long, white, and flowing, however they’re more simplistic. These dresses simply provide you with the opportunity for some beautiful getting ready photos in the bridal suite. You’ll look like a bride from the beginning of the day until the end.

Silk & Sleeves

So what’s the wedding dress trend of 2021? It’s not boho, it’s not ballgown, it’s silk & sleeves! The silk dress trend started catching on in 2020, and it will be holding its ground in 2021. Along with silk dresses, we will be seeing more sleeves! Whether they’re loose or tight, long or short, lace or silk, sleeves will be here so be ready for them! 

Makeup Under Mask

This year, everyone has looked a little different. That’s because we’re all covering our face with masks, and chances are, you may be too on your wedding day! This year, hire a professional to do your makeup to ensure it won’t rub off if you choose to wear a mask on your big day. 


Open Venue

Now, more than ever, brides are looking for indoor/ outdoor venues. The Butterfly Pavilion is a great option if you’re looking for indoor or outdoor ceremony options, a reception space that’s open to the outside, and plenty of room for all your family and friends. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, check out The Butterfly Pavilion venue here!

Bold Colors

While 2020 was the year for natural colors and shades of green, 2021 is bringing in bold color combinations. We’ll be on the lookout for deep blues, rustic oranges, dark greens, and bright reds. We will also see more color mixtures than ever before, with bridesmaids dresses’ and groomsmens’ ties alternating complementing colors.

The Butterfly Pavilion is the perfect neutral background for any wedding color scheme. If you’re planning to be bold with your 2021 wedding, you can bring all types of decorations and furniture into the pavilion. There is room for just about anything! wedding trends

Live Streaming

Since we’ll be seeing smaller weddings this year, we’ll also be seeing live-streaming. Technology has advanced us into being able to invite people to our weddings virtually, such as on Facebook Live. This is wonderful since many family members and friends may not be able to attend in person, even if invited. Live-streaming your wedding is a great way to share the moment with all your loved ones, and a great memory you’ll be able to keep forever.


Mini Cakes

Single-tiered and mini-cakes are on the rise in 2021. These cakes provide a way for guests to have their own slice, without contact from others and without having to wait on it. Plus, mini-cakes are just adorable. It’s a win-win-win!

Formal Dinner Service

Instead of buffets, this year we will be seeing more dinners formally served. This way, guests can keep from touching the same serving utensils and waiting in lines will be a thing of the past. At The Butterfly Pavilion, we can recommend some wonderful catering services that will make your reception smooth and your guests happy.

Relaxed Entertainment

Because of more socially distanced activities, dance floors will be looking a little different this year. More couples will have small dances and games to play which calls for more relaxed entertainment. This is also a great opportunity for a live band, which we will be seeing more of this year as well!

Customized Favors

The favors will be looking a little different this year as well! Normally you’d go home with a succulent, koozies, or maybe even a mini pizza cutter. However, this year, if you’re the wedding guest, get ready to leave with personalized hand sanitizer and masks. For smaller weddings, expect more expensive wedding favors like personalized shot glasses or bottle-opener keychains.

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