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Valentine’s Day Wedding Ideas You’ll Fall In ~Love~ With

February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day, is the most lovely and romantic day of the year! This special day is filled with cuddles, kisses, and all the love you can give – so why not have it be your wedding day? If you’re looking to embrace the theme of Valentine’s Day for your wedding while still giving off an elegant and classy vibe, read about these Valentine’s Day wedding ideas, and get ready to ~fall in love~!

Valentine’s Day Wedding Invitations

Photographer: Ivy & Linen Co.


Don’t be afraid to go all out for your Valentine’s Day wedding invitations. Pinks, reds, and hearts galore will really get the theme across to your guests. However, if you’re interested in a more subtle approach, focus more on the background color of the invitations. A red or pink background with white script font is classy and timeless. Seal your envelopes with a small heart sticker and you’ve got a simple, yet stunning Valentine’s Day wedding invitation.

Valentine's Day Wedding Ideas

Photographer: Ivy & Linen Co.


You should know the representative colors of Valentine’s Day by now… pink, red, and white! To stay on trend with subtle hints of the holiday at your wedding, use whites galore with hints of pink and red around the ceremony and reception spaces. Don’t be afraid to add greens into your flower arrangements as well. For bridesmaids dresses, any shade of pink or red is sure to look stunning. For the groomsmen suits, dark blue pairs nicely with a pink tie, while a black suit makes a bold, yet classic statement with a red tie.


As discussed above, using a lot of white in your decor with hints of red and pink is a tasteful way to create an elegant feel to your reception space. Use white table runners, white candles, and white plates, paired with pink or red napkins and floral centerpieces. If you’re having a photo booth, try adding a white antique couch in front of a pink or red background. Write out your initials or last name on the background in white, and add pink and red throw pillows to the couch. Finish off your decor by sprinkling little hearts around the food tables, present table, or the cake table.


Speaking of cake, there are tons of ways to incorporate the Valentine’s Day wedding theme into your cake or cake display! When going for the subtle approach, place a centerpiece or topper with the pink and red flowers you used in your bouquet. If you want to go a little more bold, sprinkle heart shaped confetti pieces around the cake table and add a red or pink marbling to the cake, or another small colorful accent. If you’re willing to go all out for your Valentine’s Day wedding cake, get a heart-shaped cake! 3-tiered heart-shaped wedding cakes are a beautiful statement piece that will make a big impression on your guests. 


It’s easy to pick out jewelry for your Valentine’s Day wedding – just look for hearts! Heart shaped jewelry can absolutely be sophisticated; it doesn’t have to look like costume jewelry! Keep it simple with a small diamond heart earring or a dangling earring with a few small hearts. Be sure to match it with your ring and any bracelets or necklaces you’re planning to wear as well. 


There’s no question that you should incorporate pink or red flowers into all your wedding day floral arrangements, but which flowers do you choose exactly? The first type that probably comes to your mind is roses. Roses are a traditional Valentine’s Day staple, so incorporating them into your Valentine’s Day wedding makes perfect sense. Another flower type to symbolize love and affection is carnations which, like roses, come in red, pink, and white. Other than that, tulips, calla lilies, and dahlias are all beautiful flowers that pair well with hints of greenery too.


If your wedding is earlier in the day, you can exit your Valentine’s Day wedding surrounded by heart-shaped balloons! Blow them up beforehand and place them around the reception space or have everyone blow up their own right before the exit. You could also incorporate pink, red, and white ribbon wands for your guests to wave around as you walk through the crowd. If your wedding is later in the day, show how bright your love shines with a sparkler exit! Sparkler exits are gorgeous, cost-effective, and light the way to the perfect end to your wedding night. 

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