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Predictions for 2022 Wedding Trends

Photographer: Ivy & Linen Co. – KaliAnn Lisk

Predictions for 2022 Wedding Trends

We saw many beautiful wedding trends in 2021 and loved seeing all the gorgeous florals and designs our couples chose this year. Every year a new set of wedding trends emerge, from new color palettes, unique wedding dress designs, and of course the decor; they all typically see pretty significant changes. We have a few ideas of which trends we can expect to see for upcoming weddings in 2022. Let’s dive in!

Custom Florals

Recent years have shown a decrease in multi-colored palettes while couples leaned more toward neutrals and earth tones. This year, we expect to see a continued trend of earth tones and muted colors, with the addition of dried florals! Dried flowers add a uniquely beautiful aesthetic to bouquets and venue floral decor. 

We expect to also see a big emphasis on more custom florals; with each couple expressing themselves with their flower choices. Whether it be mixing together different color palettes, or incorporating dried flowers and grasses, unique flower displays are just one way couples will be doing it up big in 2022 to evoke more feelings of joy, happiness, and celebration among their guests and themselves!

2022 weddings trends

Photographer: Ivy & Linen Co. – KaliAnn Lisk

Outdoor Ceremonies

As it seems we’ve been stuck inside for long enough, we’ll be seeing more outdoor ceremonies than ever before. Couples are looking to get a nice breather on their wedding day, and what better way to do that than with fresh outdoor air? 

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor venue for your ceremony, check out The Butterfly Pavilion. Our meadow sits just below our pavilion with a beautiful stone path connecting the two. The meadow is truly a magical place.

2022 wedding trends

Photographer: Ivy & Linen Co. – KaliAnn Lisk

Simple Cakes

While the custom flowers will add the perfect amount of pop, we’ll be seeing couples bring simplicity to some other areas like the wedding cake. 2022 will be bringing back this traditional aspect of weddings that has been lost for the past several years. We will be seeing more white or neutral colored cakes with light embellishment or simple florals. Wedding toppers might not be seen much on 2022 wedding cakes!

2022 weddings trends

Photographer: Ivy & Linen Co. – KaliAnn Lisk

Buffet Style Foods & Food Trucks

Functionality is just as important as beauty nowadays, and buffet style foods and food truck service provide the ultimate ease of use for guests and look great! We will be seeing more of this as we make our way through 2022. Whether it’s pizza, barbecue, chicken and veggies, or a pasta bar, buffet style or food truck is a great option! We work with several awesome food truck catering companies; we’ll be happy to recommend a few! Food trucks add a fun and unique food experience to your wedding day! They also allow your guests to choose from a variety of different opinions so everyone is sure to find something they love. 

Minimalist Wedding Dresses

Whether it’s silk, satin, or chiffon, we’ll be seeing A LOT more minimalist dresses! This is another aspect of simplicity that we’re looking forward to with 2022 weddings. While we love our brides in lace, tulle, and beaded dresses, 2022 will be bringing simple, sophisticated, and beautiful gowns!

2022 wedding trends

Photographer: Syd & Lex Photography

Unique Venues

Our 2022 couples want to be anything but ordinary which is why they’ll be taking advantage of more unique venues like The Butterfly Pavilion. Our indoor/ outdoor venue is unique in that it offers open-air options both indoors and outdoors. Our venue has plenty of room for all your guests, and you won’t have to worry about anyone feeling cramped or stuck inside. With room for over 250 guests and the ability to make this venue your own with so many customization options, our modern pavilion nestled within 100 acres of forest is the perfect place to say, “I do,” if you want a unique wedding experience in Georgia. 

Find Your Venue

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect venue, check out The Butterfly Pavilion and schedule a tour today! Booking is limited for 2022 and booking is now open for 2023! We are proudly locally owned and operated in Acworth, GA and can’t wait to work with you!

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