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Timeless & Meaningful Ideas for Bride & Groom Gift Exchange

Are you looking to exchange a gift with your future spouse before the ceremony on your wedding day? Lots of couples are taking on this tradition as a way of saying thank you for everything up to this point. It’s also a great way to help relieve some stress and nerves before the ceremony. It’s important to note that the gift you choose to get your partner doesn’t have to cost a fortune to be meaningful. Small, special, heart-felt items that will make your partner smile is really what a bride and groom gift exchange is all about.

Vow Print

If you’ve hand-written shorter vows, having them printed and made into a piece of wall decor for your home is a great way to save this special memory. Be sure to include your names and the wedding date on the print as well. This sentimental gift idea may have your partner in tears before the ceremony, so be sure to give tissues with it as well.


Jewelry is a special gift no matter the price; it doesn’t always have to be expensive! There are tons of options for jewelry to get your partner excited before the ceremony. Getting jewelry that represents the occasion is even more special. For example, if you’re taking a plane to your honeymoon after the wedding, a bracelet or necklace with a small plane would be very special. If you and your partner have a bond over something special like your dog, you can even have necklaces made from a photo of your pet. That’s also a great way to have your furry friend be part of your big day if they can’t attend in-person.

Honeymoon Items

Going somewhere fun for your honeymoon? A great way to get even more excited is to give a gift to your partner before the ceremony that reminds them of the journey you’re about to set off on. Items such as “just married” apparel and koozies, keychains, passport book covers, or travel-related jewelry are all great ideas. You could also give an adventure-themed scrapbook to hold all the memories you captured from the honeymoon once you return home.


Pajamas are an adorable wedding gift that will last past the wedding day itself. However, they’re also a great option for the wedding night! Get matching pajamas for the two of you and wear and pack them up and take them on your honeymoon!

Personalized Cards

A personalized, hand-written card is just as good of a gift as anything, and maybe even more special. Anyone would be excited to get a hand-written card from the one they love, and on your wedding day, it’d just help keep you calm and put a smile on your face. If YOU would enjoy receiving a card from your partner, maybe you should give one to them!


If you’re not really feeling any of those ideas, here are a few others to consider:

  • Perfume
  • Engraved Knife With Wedding Date
  • Personalized Flask
  • A Couples Journal or Devotional
  • Flowers
  • Embroidered Jacket
  • Wallet
  • Wedding “Survival” Kit
  • Cufflinks
  • “Cold Feet” Socks
  • Bucket List Book
  • Custom Drawing

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