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2022 Wedding Trends - What’s In, What’s Out?

The wedding world is everlasting, yet ever-changing. Year after year we see new trends fade in and old trends fade out, and 2022 is no different. While last year was the year of more intimate gatherings, bold color choices, and finding ways to stand out, those things might be changing a little this year! Keep reading to learn about our predicted 2022 wedding trends, and what’s in along with what’s out.

2022 Wedding Trends

Photographer: Syd & Lex Photography

What's Out?

Wedding Favors

With wedding favors being the traditional way to say “thank you” to those who attended your wedding, they’re becoming less of a normality, especially when guests don’t even take them half the time. Instead of spending money on impersonal favors, couples could take a more personal approach of saying “thank you” this year by writing letters after the wedding day, including a picture of them and their loved ones taken by the photographer. 

Balloon Decor

Balloon arches, entrances, and all other balloon decor are all a thing of the past! While it was fun while it lasted, this year, we predict we won’t see much balloon decor… for weddings that is!

Mini-monies (Mini Ceremonies)

While mini-monies won’t completely go away, we’ll be seeing a lot larger celebrations in 2022, as long as life permits that is. I think we’ve all gotten our taste for intimate gatherings and small family celebrations, and it’s time to go all out! 


It’s 2022 and we’re all ready to let loose, right? Right! That’s why we predict that brides will be letting their hair down on their wedding day, instead of throwing it back like we have been doing all year long.

What's In?

Honeymoon Funds

We saw this trend last year and we’re only going to see it more this year: honeymoon funds instead of gift registries! Couples are still looking to get away, spending a lot of money on doing it up big for their honeymoons. What’s wrong with trying to get reimbursed for something they’ll actually use the money on!? While it might not be traditional, it’s definitely practical. 

Electronic Invitations

Getting everyone’s address, printing, labeling, stamping, and sending takes a lot of time and effort for a couple getting ready for their wedding. On top of that, guests don’t always (or even half the time) RSVP. Because of this, digital invitations are going to become super popular. Sending a quick text with all the wedding information, where guests can click one simple button to RSVP will make things a lot quicker and less stressful for the bride and groom. 

Diamond Alternatives

Diamonds are falling out of their position as a girl’s best friend – at least some girls. Less traditional brides are looking to go the extra mile in being different and standing out. Because of this, we will see a lot less diamonds and more of other stones such as opal, tanzanite, or sapphire. 

Neutral Colors

This trend seems to go back and forth every year. From bold, modern colors, to soft neutrals we go in 2022! This year, we predict we will be seeing champagnes, taupes, light greens, and lots of soft shades of pink! 

Non-Traditional Wedding Parties

As everyone is more inclined now than ever to make the most of every moment and cherish them with those they love, we’ll be seeing many more non-traditional wedding parties. This means men in the bridal party, and women among the groomsmen. 

Silk Bridesmaids Dresses

Among the bridesmaids, however, we will still be seeing lots of silk. Silk came in as a popular dress material choice at the end of 2021, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. These dresses give a modern, sleek look to the wedding day.

Unique Arches

Lastly, unique arches are ALL IN. We will be seeing tons of arches like we’ve never seen before! Stay tuned in with our social media as we post these arches throughout the year!

2022 Wedding Trends

Photographer: My Red Lens

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