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10 Wedding Cake Ideas & Inspiration

Photographer: Andres Lopez Films

10 Wedding Cake Ideas & Inspiration

While there’s about a million things that go into planning your perfect wedding day, there’s something so sweet, it can’t be beat… cake! Having a wedding cake is a tradition that goes back centuries since cake is the typical dessert of celebration! We absolutely love a wedding cake, and even if you’re not a ‘traditional’ couple, there are still tons of options for having the perfect cake to fit your style and taste buds! Check out these wedding cake ideas and get some inspiration for yours!

10 Wedding Cake Ideas & Inspiration

Photographer: Andres Lopez Films

1. Simple With Sunflowers

Want to go the simple route on the decor of your wedding cake, but still need to feed a lot of people? Try this lightly frosted design garnished with sunflowers (or your wedding flower). This is a perfect cake for the autumn season when sunflowers are blooming and you want a cozy, simplistic feel to your big day. However, this still gives a truly elegant feel as well. 

2. Minimalist

Are you a minimalist bride having a smaller wedding? This little minimalist cake might be small, but it is a show-stopper! Going with the lightly frosted design again, this cake is decorated with just a couple flowers and a small piece of greenery. Going this route is perfect for achieving the effortless look.

3. Neon Colors

On the other hand, going bold with your wedding cake is never a bad option! While this cake’s primary color might be white, the boldness of what seems to be neon colors really makes this cake POP. The contrast between the greens and pinks also makes a statement. Gorgeous!

10 Wedding Cake Ideas & Inspiration

Photographer: O’Bryant Photography

4. Traditional

Are you a traditional bride who wants a traditional cake? We understand! Tradition can be so elegantly beautiful, and this cake is no exception. A textured, natural frosting on a 3-tiered cake, with flowers adorning the side make for a gorgeous example of a traditional wedding cake. 

5. Golden & Elegant

Go extremely elegant and high-class with your cake by throwing some gold on there! This cake’s dusty pink and golden accents, mixed with pearl liners separating the layers, and the smooth white frosting underneath make for the most sophisticated cake for the most refined couple.

Butterflies Wedding Cake

Photographer: Darby Bobo Photo

6. Butterflies

Whether you’re having your wedding at The Butterfly Pavilion or not, you know we’d never turn down a cake swarming with butterflies! The simple design of this white cake with light pink butterflies pairs perfectly with the bold cake both underneath! This cake truly gives the feel of being in a butterfly garden! 

Floral Wedding Cake

Photographer: Andres Lopez Films | Cake by Lush Cakery


7. Floral Decor

Okay, talk about being sophisticated! This cake is extremely simplistic underneath all the flowers, with just a smooth white icing. Add on the flowers in a waterfall effect and this cake goes to another level of beauty and sophistication that would make anyone’s mouth drop open immediately! This cake is a show-stopper as well!

Cartoon Flowers

Photographer: Katy Lynn Allen | Cake by DeMarcus Desserts

8. Cartoon Flowers

We’re absolutely obsessed with this cartoonesque cake that is like nothing we’ve ever seen! With the most adorable piped flowers and bright colors, the design of this cake might look simple, but it’s extremely well thought out and executed. For a boho, or minimalist spring wedding, this might just be the way to go!

Photographer: Ash & Miles Photography

9. Bobble Head Toppers

As these minimalist cakes are all the rage right now, we just had to include another, however, we’re not even talking about the cake in this section… look at that topper! Have you ever seen something more adorable than the bride and groom, made into bobble heads, and placed on top of their wedding cake? We are swooning over this!

10. Natural & Sweet

Like the minimalist cake style, but not necessarily the minimalist decor? This lightly frosted, heavily decorated cake is the perfect option for any season, but especially spring or summer. Garnish the cake with fresh fruits and flowers, and sit it on top of a bed of greenery, and you’ve got a natural looking cake that still stands out and tastes super sweet! 

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